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  • Scan your receipt

    Upload your receipt with your phone or on the web.

  • Create an Expense report

    Choose receipts and put them in an expense report in a click and send it.

  • Send the report

    The report will be automatically summarized and created.

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Nowadays expenses are
handled hassle-free

"Since we started to use Kvittar Expenses we have had a structure for handling receipts. Now everyone is handing in their expense reports on time and in order. This saves us time and money."
- Tobias from Sweden, CEO

"I always upload my receipts with my phone after I pay for something. That keeps my bookkeeping up to date and my controller happy!"

- Finnur from Iceland, Eventmanager

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Digital receipts in store

Kvittar was first out in Sweden (the snowy country up north) to give a digital receipt to customers in stores and restaurants. This is an even easier way to get receipts digitally directly to your app. Kvittar is available in a couple of places in Sweden. If you have a store you can read more about it here and if you want to bring the digital revolution to your country let us know

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