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Using Kvittar

How does it work?

Kvittar is a service that lets you save all your receipts digitally. You can register easy using our app or through the web. Kvittar is available for everybody, no matter where you live. At Kvittar you can store all your receipts, either by scanning them using our iPhone or Android app or by uploading them through the web. There is also a couple of stores and restaurants in Sweden that use Kvittar. If you use Kvittar you can get your receipt from those places by showing your ID-card when buying something. All your receipts will be available at and in your app.

How do I tell the difference from an uploaded receipt or a receipt from a store?

All receipts coming from a store is marked with a golden star. If you are looking at the receipt you can also see that. If a receipt is uploaded the star will be clear. In that way you can tell the difference.

How do I get a receipt into Kvittar?

You can upload a receipt using the Kvittar iPhone or Android app. Or by logging into and upload them there. You can also get them into Kvittar by showing up your ID when you are in a store that uses Kvittar.

What can I use Kvittar for?

Kvittar is the perfect match for you who want to save time and money for keeping track on your business receipt. But it is also the perfect place to store all your private receipts.

How can I use the different features?

You can read all about the features we have and how you can use them here. 

Can I remove a receipt from Kvittar?

Receipts that you upload to Kvittar, via the web or mobile app, you can delete. We protect our users’ privacy, so a receipt will be completely removed from our systems. It is not possible to recover a deleted receipt.

How much does it cost to use Kvittar Expenses?

It is free to sign up for Kvittar, to use our apps and to use our websystem! You can try Kvittar Expenses for free one month. Here you can read more about the price.

Expenses. (linked to expense feature)
It is easy to upgrade to our Expense Report system that lets you categorize receipts and create a reports. You pay for the amount of accounts you want to have access to. The cost for using Kvittar starts at 15 euro.

How do I download Kvittar to my phone? 

You can easily download Kvittar in your iPhone in App Store or to your Android from  Google play. Read more about the app here.

I didn’t manage to upload my receipt with my phone!

At some times the phone fails to upload the receipt. This is often because you got none connection or your connections it too bad. Try again and if it doesn’t work wait until you have good internet connection.


My profile at Kvittar

Where can I change my personal settings?

Under the Settings tab at you find all your personal information. You can easily change the information and your password here.

Why don’t my phone and web have the same language?

Kvittar on the web is all in English. If your app is in another language it is because you normally use another language for your phone. If that is the case then the app will also be in that language.

If I forgot my password?

If you have forgotten your password, you can easily request a temporary password on the login page on It will then be sent a new temporary password to your email. Use it to login to your account. Remember to change this because it is only temporary.

Why does Kvittar saves my Social Security number?

In order for us to ensure that the correct receipt come to the right users when sending a receipt from the store, we need to identify all users. When you agree to our Terms of Use, you also grant your consent to us storing and using your Social Security number when you chose to save it. Plu (1998:204)

Is it permissible to use Social Security number as ID?

Yes, we are able to treat Social Security number if there is a consent from the user. See more in Plu act (1998:204).


Kvittar Expenses

What is Kvittar Expenses?

Kvittar Expenses is a service for making your and your colleagues life a bit easier. With Kvittar Expenses you can categorize receipts when uploading them by adding categorized that are administrated centrally. After uploading your receipt you can choose which receipt that should be put together. After that you can send the report to your controller or whomever you want. When you send the report it will be automatically summarized and organized.

Why do I get a report when I send it to someone else?

Everytime you send the report to someone else you will also get a report. This for you to know that the report was sent.

I did send a report but the recipient didn’t get it?

Sometimes the reports get stuck in the spam filter. Make sure to check it if you don’t get the sent report.

I can’t use Kvittar Expenses?

If you don’t have access to Kvittar Expenses it is probably because your Company’s administrator forgot to add you. Ask your administrator to make sure you have been added with the correct email. If your company doesn’t use Kvittar Expenses sign up for free month trial.


Kvittar in store

What do I do to get my receipt from a store or restaurant that uses Kvittar?

When you shop at a place that uses Kvittar, just ask to get your receipt digitally with Kvittar. You will then have to identify yourself with your ID-card. If you haven’t use Kvittar before you can easily sign up in store by handing over your ID or by signing up in with your phone before.

How do I know if the place I’m at has Kvittar?

Most shops, restaurants and other retail outlets that have Kvittar has a sticker on the door or at the checkout. If you are unsure, ask at checkout. When using Kvittar in a store it normally only takes a couple of seconds for it to show up in your app.

In which stores can I use Kvittar today?

All stores that uses JobOffice Kassa, XCPos or Omega can use Kvittar today. The stores that are activated are:


Are Kvittar in-store available in any other country?

Today is Kvittar in store only available in Sweden, but there are no technical barriers for those who live abroad to use Kvittar to give digital receipts in stores and restaurants.

How do the store/ restaurant know that the receipt should be sent to my account?

In connection with a purchase, you will identify yourself at checkout. For example, this means that you hand over an ID card with your Social Security number. When the cashier scans your card the receipt will be sent to your profile on

How do I know when the receipt has arrived at my profile at Kvittar?

When you log in to your account, you can find your receipt there, both on the mobile and the web. In the cashregister they can also see if the receipt delivered to us as it should. It normally only takes a couple of seconds for the receipt to show up on your profile.


This is what the authorities says

Is the digital receipt valid?

This depends on your country. In Sweden for example the receipt that comes digitally all the way from the store is as valid as a paper receipt. If you are scanning and uploading your receipt at Kvittar it is regarded as a copy. That means that is completely valid for repurchases and warranties. And for your bookkeeping it is regarded as an copy. This means that you should still archive your original somewhere but if you would lose it your copy is valid as a voucher.
Read more about the receipt (In Swedish Consumer Agency)



What steps does Kvittar take to secure all receipts?

All our receipts are stored on servers that are completely dedicated to Kvittar, and of course with backups of all your receipts so that no information will be lost. We send everything encrypted to make sure all receipt will end up in the right place and that nothing will come astray.

How do I know that no one else has access to my receipts?

For us, security is very important. All communication between the cashier and Kvittar and your browser is encrypted. Kvittar uses industry-standard encryption to protect your information.

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