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Are you one of many that put time into handling receipts on paper instead of using your time on what you are good at? Or looking for the right receipts for your travel costs or for the lunch you went on. If you are tired of your company having to handle all these small notes on paper you should try Kvittar Expenses.
Kvittar Expenses speeds up the process for handling expense and let you store your receipt at Kvittar and send your reports in a few clicks. All collected, all digital.

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By categorize your receipt you will get a simple overview of the different expenses in your expense report. Add a category to the receipt when you upload it and you will be able to hand your receipt in an easier way. All categories are available for all employees that you have connected to your company but the categories can only be edited by the administrator. Settings for categories and employers can be found under the Expense reports tab at


Add Employees

 At Kvittar it is easy to add and manage new employees. Log into and under the tab Expense reports you can find all your company’s settings. Just add a user using their e-mail. You can also easily remove a user here with just a click.


The Expense Report

With Kvittar Expenses you can save all your receipts digitally in reports. These reports can be sent to any choosen email directly from and can be sent in overviewed PDF-files. In the reports you get an overview with categorize, currency, summarized receipts, contacts och payment information and with attached receipts. Have a look at an Expense report to check out what it can look like.


Export to Spreadsheet

It is easy to keep track on expenses with the help of our spreadsheet export. Here you get all your purchases listed in a spreadsheet – this makes it easier to dig into your expenses. The file can be opened in Excel, Numbers
and other programs that can read the XLS- format. You can use the spreadsheet to for example:

  • … make calculations on your receipts.
  • … control your receipts with card invoice or bank account
  • …share information over your expenses.
  • … check out exciting statistics as which restaurants you normally go to
  • … make tables and statistics over your expenses


An spreadsheet export can be made in three clicks.
– Click “Export to spreadsheet”
– Choose which dates  should be included.
– Click download

This is what a Kvittar Spreadsheet can look like!


Kvittar App

Kvittar for iPhone and Android is the perfect app for you and your company. With Kvittar in your phone you can easy upload new receipts, see your receipts and categorized your receipts. You can even change currency and add tags and comments to the receipts.

Read more about our apps »


Upload Receipt

You can easily upload a receipt on the web. Just use the feature for uploading inside min.kvittar and you can do it in a couple of clicks.


Currency converter

On your phone and on the web you can easily add currency. Add your original currency in your settings and all your receipts will be displayed in that currency. And if you add a receipt in another currency our currency converter will automatically count what it is in your choosen currency.



At every receipt you can add a comment. This can be used to keep track on for example whom you had lunch with or why you purchased something. This also makes it easier for your controller when they are going through your expenses.



Use tags to keep track on all your receipts. With tags you can easy keep track on your receipts through your taglist. Tag, sort and search. The perfect feature for the one to keep track on details!

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