This is how you use Kvittar

  • Upload receipt

    Upload your receipt with your phone or at All receipts are safely stored.

  • Create a report

    Choose your categorized receipts and put them in an expense report and send it.

  • Send the report

    The report will be automatically summarized and created and pop up in the recipients inbox.

Using Kvittar Expenses will save your company a lot of time!

Which way do you choose?

Kvittar Expenses is probably the easiest way to handle expenses and travel receipts in your company. With Kvittar Expenses you get a new structure and get an expense report in just a few click. You can photograph the receipt, add comments directly on the phone and get automatic overviews in the Expense Reports. You can easily compare the report with your card invoice without lots of paper. Kvittar Expenses saves you time and money, at the same time as you and your colleague can focus on what you are best at.



Kvittar enables you to do your expenses on the go!

And there is more!

  • Easy structure

    A reliable, simple and digital structure that is easy to use for everybody in the company.

  • Readable reports

    Easy to view and read all reports. No more reports and receipts with unreadable handwriting.

  • Efficient bookkeping

    Central categorizes that are summarized on the reports will save the bookkeepers time.

  • Save time

    The hours you put on sorting and organizing receipts every month can be putted into something more important.

  • Easy follow ups

    It is easy to do follow ups on different project, customer and employees with Kvittar Expenses.

  • Compare with card invoice

    With the expense report it is fast to compare your receipts with your card invoice. And everything is safely stored at Kvittar.

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